The Weather Machine

The weather machine is an item available for purchase in the electronics section of the store for $70,000. It can only be unlocked if you complete An Alien Concept: Weather Machines, which is given to you by Osiris, the alien. 

When you tap the 'Make It Snow' option, the screen will flash white and will show snow at your Sim's home. The snow will also freeze any swimming pools you have and two Sims can use it for Figure Skating, a hobby. Also, all pool objects will be removed.


  • Make Weather Random
  • Make Day
  • Make Night
  • Make It Snow
  • Create A Storm 


  • This is one of the 2 ways to change day or night, the other is changing the time in settings (be careful, because changing the timings will affect how long your buildings take to generate revenue and also how long a house takes to build).
  • If a Sim doesn't have an umbrella and stands outside during a thunderstorm, there is a chance they will be struck with lightning, which inspires them.
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