aka weeb

  • I am not editing my pages because they're funny to come back to

Hi! I'm Jana. I am a helpful and kind user. If you make me angry, you're gonna blow up! Haha... Just kidding. I am extremely sweet.


I can give you small info, I AM A FROZEN FAN!!! Yay!!!

for more info, visit this page.

Let it go!

Sims Freeplay


I'm level 36.

Mysterious Monuments

I've unlocked ALL Mysterious Monuments. All of them are level 70.


Simoleons: somewhere... over a million!
Lifestyle Points: About 88,824,245 or higher/lower
Social Points: 0... ('cuz of the trading stuff)

Party Boat

I have...4 friends... I'll never tell them!!!


I have 34 Sims. LOL.

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