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Hi! I'm Jana. I am a helpful and kind user. If you make me angry, you're gonna blow up! Haha... Just kidding. I am extremely sweet.
'''TAKE NOTE''' that Jana changed username to [[User:TheGirlBehindYou|TheGirlBehindYou]]. kthxbai
I can give you small info, I AM A FROZEN FAN!!! Yay!!!
''for more info, visit [ this page.]''
Let it go!
==Sims Freeplay==
I'm level 36.
===Mysterious Monuments===
I've unlocked ALL Mysterious Monuments. All of them are level 70.
Simoleons: somewhere... over a million!
<br> Lifestyle Points: About 88,824,245 or higher/lower
<br> Social Points: 0... ('cuz of the trading stuff)
===Party Boat===
I have...4 friends... I'll never tell them!!!
I have 34 Sims. LOL.

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TAKE NOTE that Jana changed username to TheGirlBehindYou. kthxbai

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