The Urban Furniture Hobby Event was an Event that ran from Friday February 19th 2016 until Saturday 27th February 2016 and 4th August 2016 until 10th August 2016. Players progress in the event by completing the woodworking hobby seven times to earn seven different Urban Furniture packs.


Each time you complete the grid once (12/12 items) you get one pack (randomized).

  • Urban Living Room: includes chairs, tables and bookcases.
  • Urban Sofas: includes two single chairs, two 2-seater sofas and two three seater sofas.
  • Urban Rugs and Lighting: includes tall lamps, wall lights and rugs.
  • Urban Bedroom: includes beds and bedside tables.
  • Urban Dining: includes dining tables and chairs and two stools.
  • Urban Countertops: includes counters and sinks, same style except different colours.
  • Urban Decorations: includes Lush Green Wall, Living Green Wall, Urban Tree and Urban Fireplace.
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