Toddler Playhouse is a hobby that toddlers can do. 


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To get this hobby, you must first complete 'A Quest for Toddlers' to be able to have toddlers and complete the 'In Da Clubhouse' quest to unlock this hobby. 

For the first time, you need to have a toddler do the hobby at the playhouse in the Swim Center. The first option that comes up is: 2 Little Bears - 50 minutes. Tap on this and when the time is up, there will be an exclamation mark above your Sim's head. Tap on it and you will receive one of the bear toys. Collect all three bears to unlock the next row to receive cat toys. Collecting all three cats unlocks monster toys and collecting monster toys will unlock supersim toys (see table below the levels).


  • 2 Little Bears - 50 minutes
  • Cat Holiday - 1 hour
  • Monster Mansion - 2 hours
  • Supersim Hideout - 4 hours


There are six levels each with different rewards.

Level Name Rewards
1 Resevoir Cat None
2 Cat Person 250XP
3 Citizen Cat 500XP
4 Lasagne Ninja Cat S750
5 Simshire Cat 10,000 Town Value
6 Catspeare 1LP 

Grinn N. Bearit

Stronglike Bear Simulator Bear Unlocks: Cat Holiday
Catspeare Resevoir Cat Citizen Cat Unlocks: Monster Mansion
Simzilla  The Wolfsim Doctor Frankensim Unlocks: Supersim Hideout
Captain Sim Town Judge Sim Supersim 2,000 XP


For completing the hobby, you will receive a playhouse so your toddler sims can do the hobby at home. You can have multiple toddlers do the hobby. The second time you will win 6 LPs.

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