• My name is Punji, I was the Founder of this wiki. I just remembered this wiki so I came back to check what have been going on here lately. I noticed that my Founder tag on my user page is gone and that you adopted the wiki, well you should've just asked me about it first instead of going around and ask for Wikia staffs.

    I completely forgot about this wiki, my bad. I am active on other several wikis though, but I never seem to receive notifications about messages posted on my walls here so I forgot about here.

    Looks like I've been completely wiped out of my rights here. Kinda feel a little salty about it though, mostly because of the removal of Founder tag. Can you fix that? If not I understand.

    You did well on this wiki though :) I really like how it turns out now!

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    • Hi, sorry that I adopted the wiki. It was my first time doing so. One of the rules from Community Central states Founders and/or admins who have been inactive for a period of time could have their rights removed if the person adopting requested. I'll ask if I could get your rights back.

      My activity on here has been wobbly since the game hasn't held my interest lately but I do try and edit.

      Thank you for being considerate though.

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    • As far as I know, granting me b-crat and admin rights will automatically restore the Founder tag on my userpage, you can do that yourself since you're a bureaucrat.

      Sorry if this sounds selfish, I just feel pretty weird with me having no Founder tag despite being the founder. I might be able to help with the wiki logo or aesthetic related things here some time. Thanks for your time and hard work!

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    • Done.

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    • Thank you :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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