• The wikia did NOT look like this before, it looked way more modern in the past.

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    • Sorry. I only changed some colours to suit the game's logo. I wasn't sure if you would return or not. I added more articles at least.

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    • I respect you for adding new articles and updating the wiki information, but I do not understand why you overhauled the theme. It looks completely different from how I remembered it, and I am struggling with fixing it. It must look presentable to those at EA, and the general public.

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    • I respect your opinion. If you want to change it back, then that's fine. I'll continue to edit regardless though.

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    • In the future, please just leave a message on my wall prior to making a major change to the wiki (ex. theme, home page, general layout). While I am not very active on this wikia anymore, I do get notifications sent to my email when a message is left on my wall. Thank you for all of your edits to the content of the pages though, many pages were outdated/missing.

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