• Hi Anais, There is a serious issue with the setup of this wikia. I've been trying to find a way to edit it, but I cannot. If you can tell me how then I'll gladly do it myself, but for now I need your help. There are not enough main pages. We have "On the Wiki", "Popular Pages", and "Community", but thats an organizational nightmare. My simple solution would be for things like "Sim Life" to be added. And under "Sim Life" you could have things like "Carrers", "Relocating Your Sim", "Family", and any other that'd fit under that category. Then there could be another main page called "Points" that deals with lifestyle and social points. It could feature pages that talk about their uses and how to gain them. Adding these types of things would just really helpful. 

                                         Thank you and have a lovely day,
                                                           Sir. Damon
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