The Styles of Time is a time limited quest, which first began in 2015, repeated for a second time in 2016 and for a third time in the Kids Party Update 2018. If players complete this quest within the 6 day time limit, they will win an assortment of hairstyles and hats for their Adult Sims. If you only finished part way the previous times this quest was available, then you can continue where you left off.


Day One

*Depending on how long you take to complete that day's tasks. You can skip for 10LPs.

Step Requirements Duration
1 Send a Sim to the Park None
2 Investigate glint 1 minute
3 Examine capsule 10 minutes
4 Discuss technology with another Sim 45 minutes
5 Plug usb into a computer 1 second
6 Check usb files on a computer 9 hours 30 minutes
7 Place usb in time capsule 15 minutes
8 Wait for day 2 *Time varies

Day Two

Steps Requirements Duration
1 Check time capsule 1 minute
2 Ask Sim on a date 15 minutes
3 Watch the ducks together 2 hours 30 minutes
4 Give flowers to a Sim 5 minutes
5 Passionately kiss 15 minutes
6 Place flowers in capsule 45 minutes
7 Investigate capsule chamber 13 hours
8 Wait for day 3 *Time varies

Day Three

*Go to wardrobe, click on 'hair' tab and tap on one of the new hairstyles.

**Click on any stereo to get the option to 'retro dance.'

Step Requirements Duration
9 Check capsule display 5 minutes
10 Watch a modern lifestyle show 6 hours
11 Try on new hairstyle *None
12 Have 5 Sims in a house None
13 Have 4 Sims retro dance **Completes straight away
14 Film the party 10 hours
15 Raid the refrigerator 9 hours 30 minutes
16 Place video in capsule 5 minutes
17 Wait for day 4 *Time varies

Day Four

Step Requirements Duration
18 Read a cookbook 1 minute 37 seconds
19 Get the first ingredient 7 hours 15 minutes
20 Get the second ingredient 1 hour
21 Get the final ingredient 1 minute
22 Make the recipe 9 hours 30 minutes
23 Place incense in capsule 1 minute
24 Investigate second chamber 5 minutes
25 Wait for day 5 *Time varies

Day Five

Step Requirements Duration
26 Check capsule again 1 minute
27 Check bookshelf for card 3 minutes 12 seconds
28 Place card in capsule 2 minutes
29 Panic in front of capsule 10 hours 15 minutes
30 Ask statue for help 2 minutes
31 Call a second Sim to the Park None
32 Pretend to sing 9 hours 30 minutes
33 Wait for day 6 *Time varies

Day Six

Step Requirements Duration
34 Check Park bench for used gum 4 minutes 30 seconds
35 Stick gum in statue's ears 5 minutes
36 Listen to statue's ideas 30 minutes
37 Prepare a disguise in the Park toilets 1 minute
38 Boil water on a stove 3 minutes 12 seconds
39 Pour water into capsule 12 hours 15 minutes
40 Investigate final chamber 5 minutes
41 Celebrate to Park stereo Completes straight away


The prizes can be found in the Adult hair and hats sections in any wardrobe or chest of drawers. Three hairs and one hat is included for each gender, available in a range of colours.

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