The Snow Park is an interactive location in SimTown, filled with exciting activities for your Sims to embark on, including figure skating, snowboarding, ice hockey and more!
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The Snow Park from the map

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The Snow Park


Once you have completed the quest An Alien Concept: Weather Machines you will have the option to build the Snow Park. The price and time to build it may vary.

Figure Skating hobby

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  • Two Sims Who Have Fallen Over
  • A Highly-Skilled Sim Skating
  • A Teenager Skating
  • A Pre-Teen Skating
  • Some Figure Skating Medals


  • Before you can go snowboarding, you have to
    • The Frozen Fountain at night
    • Inside the Cabin
    • Ice Hockey
    • Snowball Fight!
    • Riding Down The Hill
    • Snowboarding
    • Snowboarding and Sims riding up the Gondola
    • An Adult Sim Snowboarding
    • Two Teens and an Adult
    • An Adult Sim Falling Over
    collect all 12 of the Figure Skating medals, but once you have, you will have full access to the snow mountain, where your Sims can snowboard and toboggan.
  • Your Sims can play Ice Hockey on the ice rink, right next to the skaters.
  • There are two spots for Sims in front of the cabin to have a snowball fight!
  • There is a huge cabin on the right side of the park. There is a bar, a little kitchen, a cozy fire, and a bookshelf with some comfy chairs for your Sims to warm up and relax in.
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