The Pirate And His Goddess is a quest available at Level 19. Completion of this quest unlocks the Pirate Ship. If completed within the time limit of 7 days, you will unlock the Pirate Fashion Pack.

If your game says 4 days instead of 7, then the times will be shorter but the tasks will still be the same and require a Teenager to complete it (depending on the device and what update your on) since there are two versions.


Part Requirements Duration*
1 Visit the Island None
2 Call 5 Sims to the Community Center None
3 Call a Teen to the Community Center None
4 Have a Teen Play a Sea Shanty on Piano 8 minutes
5 Have 5 Sims Sitting In Front of the Podium None
6 Host the Town Meeting 12 hours 30 minutes
7 "Object!" the Podium 30 minutes
8 Powercord Presentation 4 hours
9 Have a Teen Look at the Pirate 15 minutes
10 Have a Teen Talk to the Pirate 7 seconds
11 Talk to the Pirate (Again) 8 hours
12 Have a Teen Give a Speech at the Podium 6 hours
13 Search SimTown and Find the Pirate** Time Varies
14 Call a Teen to the Park None
15 Hide in Public Toilet 18 hours 30 minutes
16 Ask About Journal 1 day
17 Look at Pirate's Journal 3 seconds
18 Solve the First Riddle Time Varies
19 Search for Clues*** 1 minutes
20 Answer 8 hours
21 Joke Around with the Pirate 45 minutes
22 Have a Teen Talk to a Friend About Pirates 15 hours
23 Find the Pirate**** Time Varies
24 Say 'Hi' to the Pirate 5 minutes
25 Solve the Second Riddle Time Varies
26 Open Clue 12 seconds
27 Tell Password***** 12 hours
28 Have a Teen Dance with the Pirate 30 minutes
29 Ask the Pirate Why He is Upset 3 minutes
30 Convince the Pirate 10 hours 30 minutes
31 Tap the Ancient Goddess on the Island None
32 Send a Teen to the Park None
33 Say Goodbye to the Pirate 11 hours

*Time may vary depending on the star rating an item has.

**The Pirate is at the Park

***Click the Thinking Man Statue in the park.

****The Pirate is at the Stables

*****The password is 'Admin'.


For completing this quest in the time limit, you will win a Pirate themed fashion pack including an eyepatch, hairstyles and tattoos for your male and female Sims. If you don't finish it in the time limit, you will earn the Pirate Ship to trade resources with to build the Ancient Goddess statue.

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