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The Hidden Unicorn is a quest available from Level 14. Upon completion of this quest, you unlock the Show Jumping hobby. If you complete this quest within the time limit of 3 days, you unlock a Unicorn Rocking Horse. There are two versions of this quest, depending on the device used: the first version has the older, longer times, whereas the second version has the same actions but shorter lengths.


Part Requirement Duration*
1 Inspect Show Jumping Gate 1 second
2 Investigate Horse 14 seconds
3 Check Unicorn's Horn 24 seconds
4 Talk to Unicorn 2 minutes
5 Go Home & Call a Friend 4 minutes
6 Call 2 Sims to the Stables None
7 Laugh with a Sim 5 minutes
8 Investigate a Tree 4 minutes
9 Talk to a Sim about Unicorn 5 minutes
10 Look for Unicorns on Internet 17 minutes
11 Talk to a Sim about Shy Unicorns 2 minutes 30 seconds
12 Read "Pooping Rainbows" 9 minutes
13 Talk to Sim about the Unicorn 1 minute 30 seconds
14 Bake Rocky Road 12 hours
15 Call a Sim to the Stables None
16 Leave Rocky Road for Unicorn 12 seconds
17 Wait for the Unicorn 12 hours 30 minutes
18 Have a Deep Sleep 6 hours 30 minutes
19 Go to the Stables None
20 Read the Note 1 minute
21 Tap Show Jumping Gate to fix it 7 hours,


*Time may vary depending on what star rating the item has.


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For completing the quest within the time limit, players will win a Unicorn Rocking horse. You can find it in the Toddler tab of the Home Store, costing 1,500 Simoleons and has a one star rating.