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The Book of Spells quest will unlock at Level 8, after constructing Sorcerous Supplies. Completion of this quest unlocks the spell casting hobby. If completed within the time limit of seven days, you will unlock the dragon pet.

Task Duration*
Buy a Crystal Ball (§5000) None
Place a Crystal Ball in the House None
Look into the Crystal Ball 30 seconds
Gaze into the Crystal Ball 30 seconds
Pick up the magic wand 2 seconds
Unlock Door to the Wand Room** 2 hours 30 minutes
Pick Up the Magic Wand 30 seconds
Use the Crystal Ball to go Home 1 second
Act Casual on a Couch 10 hours
Place the Magic Wand Podium in House None
Cast Random Spells 13 hours 30 minutes
Talk to a Sim About Magic Wands 8 minutes
Use the Magic Wand (Cast Random Spell on Magic Wand Podium) 13 hours 30 minutes
Watch Emergency Broadcast 2 hours 30 minutes
Go to the Park None
Call Another Sim to the Park None
Formulate a Plan 6 hours 10 minutes
Search for a Mummy Removal Spell on the Internet 13 hours 30 minutes
Perform Anti-Mummies Spell on a Magic Wand 7 minutes
Use the Crystal Ball to Visit the Wizards House 1 second
Read Weird World of Wands at Wizards House 22 hours 30 minutes
Explain to the Wizard 8 hours 12 minutes
Use the Crystal Ball to go Back Home 1 second
Call a Sim to the Park None
Talk to the Wizard 1 hour 40 minutes
Distract a Mummy 16 hours 30 minutes
Joke Around with the Wizard 10 seconds
Distract a Mummy 16 hours 30 minutes
Pack up the Magic Wand Podium 30 seconds
Talk to the Wizard 3 hours 10 minutes

*Time may vary depending on what star rating the item has.

**Select "Randomly Rearrange"


For completing the quest within the time limit, you will win a dragon pet. There are six types:

  1. Common House Dragon (1 star rating, costs S50,000)
  2. Leaf Dragon (1 star rating, costs 25SP)
  3. Sky Dragon (2 star rating, costs S250,000)
  4. Sun Dragon (2 star rating, costs 25LP)
  5. Midnight Dragon (3 star rating, costs 50LP)
  6. Snow Dragon (3 star rating, costs 100LPs)

After choosing one from the Pet Store, it will show up as an egg by your Sims' mailbox. It takes 24 hours to hatch and then your dragon will search inside and out to get treasure (the same as cats and dogs).