Teen Start
Grow your preteen Sims into teenagers!

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Teenagers is a quest available from Level 16. Upon completion of this quest, you unlock the ability to age up your Preteen Sims into Teenagers. There is no time limit on this.


Part Requirements Duration*
1 Be Nice to Osiris 1 minute

Grow Onions

7 hours
3 Be Nice to Osiris 1 minute
4 Read the Big Book of Stuff 24 hours *
5 Watch a Movie Marathon 8 hours
6 Bake Chocolate Pudding 2 hours
7 Talk to a Tree on a Housing Lot 5 hours


8 Grow Potatoes 2 hours
9 Be Nice to Osiris 1 minute
10 Be Inconspicuous on a Park Bench 2 minutes 42seconds
11 Bake a Birthday Cake 1 day

*Time may vary depending on what star rating an item has.

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