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A Teen Idol performing

Teen Idol is a hobby for Teen Sims introduced in the Teenagers Update. In order to get this hobby, you must complete the Teenagers Quest to unlock Teens and The Road To Fame quest to unlock this hobby.


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A Teen Idol catching a swooning fan

Teen Idols have special interactions with other Teens once they have unlocked all 15 music notes.

Teen Idol interactions:

  • Help Swooning Fan -- 7 seconds 
  • Sign Autograph -- 11 seconds
  • Pose for Photo -- 13 seconds 


To do the Teen Idol hobby, you need five instruments (see tables below). Place them into a house with a Teen and tap on the instruments and choose the option. In past updates, you could only have one Teen doing the hobby, but since the Dance Party Update 2017 you can now have five Teens do the hobby but only one can still be a Teen Idol.

When the time is up, tap on the exclamation mark bubble over your Sim's head. You will receive a music note. Receive all 15 notes to get 3LPs.

Music notes (grid items)

You will notice next to the grid three resources (TV Show Cameo, Radio Interview and Magazine Photoshoot). These are used to build the SimTown Sign to Level 3. Complete the hobby multiple times to receive one resource. You can also receive these resources from doing any action.

Keyboard Basic Melody Ballad

Tear Jerking Key Change

Bass Guitar Slappin' Rhythm Finger Pickin' Good Lick Flyin' Fingers of Funkstown 1,500XP
Drum Kit Drum Roll Cymbal Choke 28min Cowbell Solo TV Show Cameo
Electric Guitar Bar Chord Blues Riff in B Heartfelt Solo Radio Interview
Microphone Vocal Melody Backup Vocal Vocal Overdub Magazine Photoshoot


There are four sets of instruments, each with a different star rating, times and costs. If you want to get all the music notes quicker, use three star instruments with less times. Some cost Lifestyle Points, others cost Simoleons.

One star rating

Name of item Cost Time
Cheap Microphone S650 5 hours
Cheap Keyboard S650 1 hour
80's Electric Guitar S650 4 hours
Cheap Bass Guitar S650 2 hours
Cheap Drum Kit S650 3 hours

Two star rating

Name of item Cost Time
Standard Microphone 5LP
Standard Keyboard 5LP
Blue Electric Guitar 5LP
Standard Bass Guitar 5LP
Standard Drum Kit 5LP

Three star rating version 1

Name of item Cost Time
Premium Microphone S5,500 4 hours
Premium Keyboard S6,000 48 minutes
Premium Drum Kit S6,000 2 hrs 20 mins
Red Electric Guitar S6,200 3 hrs 10 mins
Premium Bass Guitar S6,500 1 hr 40 mins

Three star rating version 2

Item Cost Time
Expensive Microphone 10LP
Expensive Keyboard 10LP
Black Electric Guitar 10LP
Expensive Bass Guitar 10LP
Expensive Drum Kit 10LP


  • The only Sims who can play Teen Idol instruments (aside from teens) are Adults with the Entertainer personality.


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