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Teacher's Pet is a discovery quest unlocked once the Downtown High is built. If completed within the time limit of 8 days, players will win a teacup pig.


Part Requirements Duration*
1 Visit Downtown High None (send a sim there)
2 Phone the Principal 1 minute
3 Clean up in front of school 3 hours 15 minutes
4 Play wih soccer ball 5 minutes
5 Clean the sports field 8 hours 10 minutes**
6 Call Principal again 1 hour 40 minutes
7 Say hello to Vernon  3 hours 20 minutes
8 Feed Vernon 6 hours 40 minutes 
9 Lie down on a school bench 2 hours 
10 Search the field  10 minutes 
11 Send a sim to the park None
12 Search the fountain  7 hours 5 minutes 
13 Oink like a pig  2 hours 30 minutes 
14 Check coach's email  8 hours
15 Photograph 'Vernon' 13 hours 30 minutes***
16 Apply filters  3 hours 20 minutes 
17 Return to the park None
18 Follow the trail of rubbish None
19 Have 2 Sims in a house  None 
20 Lie to another Sim  8 hours 20 minutes 
21 Watch sports event on TV  9 hours 30 minutes 
22 Think of a solution  1 hour 12 minutes 
23 Confess to 5 Sims 5 hours 
24 Workshop a solution  14 hours 10 minutes 
25 Send 5 Sims to school sports field None
26 Perform sports activities  18 hours 20 minutes 
27 Hug Vernon  22 hours 30 minutes 
28 Build classroom 10 seconds 

**Cleaning the sports field will be quicker if you have more than one Sim doing it. Click on the piles of trash with an exclamation mark.

***Buy any pet from the Pet Store, place them in a Sim's home and tap on the pet to get the option.


If players finish within the time limit, they will win a teacup pig, which can be found in the Pet Store. The first one is free, after that they cost 100 LPs. If you don't complete, you will receive nothing and will go straight into the Class Clown hobby, which is also time limited.


  • To get this quest, you must first build the SimTown Express train and complete the SimTown Express Quest. Once finished, you can then enter Downtown and build the High School.