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Outside of the Swim Center (night)

The Swim Center is an interactive building that Sims can use for multiple reasons. You cannot build it until the first goal of It's All Going Swimmingly quest tells you to. 


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Sims from any age group (except babies) can use the items inside the swim center. Preteen, Teen and Adult Sims can interact with the trophy case which increases their fun meter, and the Beverage To Go-Go machine to increase their sleep meter (see right image). 

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Sims (except babies and toddlers) are able to use the pool for swimming, the diving boards for the Diving hobby and the lifeguard chair to supervise. There are two toilets beyond the pool area to increase their toilet bar and a pool slide for their fun meters. There is also a toddler play area, including a slide, swing, paddling pool and the playhouse for the Toddler Playhouse hobby. 
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Toddler play area

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