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Hey there! The Super Toddler Secret Mission is a quest that unlocks the Finger Painting hobby for Toddlers. The quest will appear soon after completing the Need For Steed quest. To start it, you need to age a baby into a toddler and find Superpower Ultra at the Stables on the Mysterious Island. If completed within the time limit of 7 days, you will win superhero costumes for your toddlers.


Part Requirements Duration
1 Greet 1 minute
2 Accept mission 2 minutes
3 Send toddler home None
4 Draw plan of action* 12 hours 30 minutes
5 Ask for milk and cookies 2 hours 30 minutes
6 Give cookies to toddler** 1 minute
7 Ask for second plate 5 hours 30 minutes
8 Give cookies to Superpower Ultra 6 hours 30 minutes
9 Accept sidekick role 15 minutes
10 Watch cartoons 2 hours 50 minutes
11 Victory dance 5 hours 30 minutes
12 Escape on a rocking horse 12 hours 30 minutes
13 Return to stables None
14 Slowly approach horse 2 hours 50 minutes
15 Look for carrot 11 hours 30 minutes
16 Give carrot to horse  4 minutes
17 Talk to a horse 5 hours
18 Return home None
19 Take time out 19 hours
20 Apologize to an adult 5 minutes
21 Watch cartoons together*** 5 hours
22 Play tag  10 seconds
23 Learn secret handshake 1 day
24 Share adventures**** 8 hours 30 minutes

*You need to use the blackboard from the toddler section to get the option

**Buy a cupboard from the countertops section and tap on it to get the option

***Select the toddler, then tap on TV and adult selects 'join in'

****Tap on bathtub to get the option


If this quest is completed within 7 days, you will win super hero costumes for your toddlers, found in the Outfits section of the wardrobe. The outfits are the same for both male and female toddlers. If you don't, you will still get access to the Finger Painting hobby.