The Sunset Mall is a discovery quest that unlocks at level 11. To access it, you must first build the Sunset Mall. When building is complete, a pop-up for the quest will show. If you complete this quest in the time limit of 7 days, you will unlock the Pickle Sauce Burger Bar and gain access to more areas of the mall.


*Depending on the star rating an item has

Part Requirements Duration
1 Send a Sim to the Mall None
2 Buy something from mall store None (tap on blue icon)
3 Send a Sim home None
4 Invite a date to the mall 8 minutes
5 Summon courage on a couch 12 hours 30 minutes*
6 Invite a date to the mall 5 minutes
7 Send 2 Sims to the mall None
8 Investigate strange noise 10 hours 30 minutes
9 Introduce Sim to the robot 10 minutes
10 Leave mall None
11 Have 2 Sims watch the news 4 minutes*
12 Ask another Sim to return to mall 2 hours 30 minutes
13 Remind Sim about shopping 3 hours 30 minutes
14 Watch self defence on TV 11 hours*
15 Send 2 Sims to the Park None
16 Have a Sim go running 11 hours 30 minutes
17 Send 2 Sims to the mall None
18 Clear boxes 2 hours 30 minutes
19 Talk to robot 25 minutes
20 Suggest a prop 2 hours 40 minutes
21 Suggest an animal 5 hours 30 minutes
22 Perform an act 7 hours 31 minutes
23 Talk to Sim 15 minutes
24 Shut down lasers 1 minute

Distract the robot:

Wind up dog

Switch off lasers

5 hours 30 minutes

2 seconds

26 Investigate robot 15 minutes
27 Investigate the robot head 10 minutes
28 Build a new store 1 hour
29 Browse new store None (click on shopping icon)
30 Cheer with another Sim 1 minute


If you complete the quest in the time limit, then you will unlock the Pickle Sauce Burger Bar. If you don't finish in the time limit, there will just be an empty space above the stores near the Bowling Alley.

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