Sims FreePlay Preteens Using Study Desks

Two preteens using 3-star study desks

A Study Desk is an item your Preteens can use to improve their school grades from home. You can buy desks from the Children's Store or from the Preteen/ Teen sections of the Home Store (after purchasing and building the Children's Store). 

Once you unlock Teenagers from the Teenagers Quest, Teens can also use the desks to improve. In the Teen Life Event 2017, teens earn four new desks. 


One Star Desks

Sims FreePlay Home Store Study Desks

Study desk selection from the Home Store

  • Green Desk with blue chair - 700 Simoleons
  • Yellow desk with pink chair - 1250 Simoleons

Two Star Desks

  • Brown desk and chair - 2600 Simoleons

Three Star Desks (unlocks at Level 17)

  • White desk with brown chair - 3 Life Points
  • White desk with hutch and pink chair - 5 Life Points

Study times

After selecting a study desk, preteens can choose from three different study times. Shorter times add less school experience per use. However, repeatedly studying for shorter periods of time provides more overall school experience within the same time span.


  • One Star Desk: 5 minutes
  • Two Star Desk: 4 minutes
  • Three Star Desk: 3 minutes


  • One Star Desk: 30 minutes
  • Two Star Desk: 25 minutes
  • Three Star Desk: 20 minutes


  • One Star Desk: 3 hours
  • Two Star Desk: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Three Star Desk: 2 hours
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