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Strange Things In Simtown is a discovery quest. To do this quest, you need a toddler and complete the Super Toddler Secret Mission quest and be level 13. There is a 7 day time limit to win an Outdoor Cinema and new beanbags.


*Depending on the star rating an item has; if its one star it will be longer; if its three star it will be quicker.

Part Task Duration
1 Use a telescope 2 minutes
2 Splish splash in a bath* 4 minutes
3 Pretend to sleep 10 hours 30 minutes
4 Send a toddler to the park None
5 Boldly approach hero 2 minutes
6 Hide behind a bench 4 minutes 30 seconds
7 Apologise to Mini Masterforce 10 minutes
8 Accept mission 10 hours 45 minutes
9 Tame the ducks of doom 15 minutes
10 Practice evil laugh 14 hours 45 minutes
11 Ask about mission 5 minutes
12 Sneak back home None (use simtracker and click on the house with the arrow)
13 Consult teddy bear*

(Using tea set)

9 hours 30 minutes
14 Catch toddler out of bed 1 minute
15 Plot escape route with dollhouse 12 hours 30 minutes 
16 Return to the park None
17 Decline villainous scheme 10 minutes
18 Send toddler home None
19 Give toddler a big hug 11 hours 45 minutes 
20 Demand peace cookies 17 hours 45 minutes
21 Bake cookies 1 minute 
22 Explain bedtime 5 minutes 
23 Ask about school 15 hours 45 minutes 
24 Hug Mini Masterforce 1 day 45 minutes 


If you finish in the time limit, you win a three star Outdoor Cinema so your Sims can watch outside! There is also four new beanbags that come in different colours. If you don't finish and miss out, you will still earn six Super villain Outfits for Toddlers.