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Sous Judgemental is a new quest unlocked at level 16. This quest came with the update available August 2014. When completed, you have a new restaurant to enjoy!


Build the Restaurant -  Time and Simoleons varies.

Call a Sim to the Restaurant.

Be Nice to The Grouch - 4 minutes.

Taste The Grouch's Special Dish - 1 minute.

Complain to The Grouch - 2 hours.

Call the First Judge on a Phone - 4 minutes.

Take Wumples' Order - 5 minutes.

Cook any Dish for Wumples.

Serve Food to Wumples - 10 minutes.

Call the Second Judge on a Phone - 4 minutes.

Take Santa's Order - 5 minutes.

Cook Pizza for Santa - 40 minutes.

Serve Food to Santa - 10 minutes.

Call the Final Judge on a Phone - 4 minutes.

Take The Grouch's Order - 8 hours.

Make a Quiche for The Grouch - 4 hours.

Serve Food to Grouch - 10 minutes.

Investigate what The Grouch Dropped - 5 minutes.

Have a Toddler make a Mud Pie - 3 hours.

To be continued...

Time Limit:

This quest has a time limit of seven days, so if you complete this quest before time runs out, you unlock new chef outfits for your cookers! No worries, if time runs out, you still get the Restaurant.

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