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Sous Judgemental is a quest available from Level 16. Upon completion of this quest, you unlock access to the Restaurant. If you complete the quest within the time limit of 7 days, you will also unlock several new chefs outfits for your Sims.


Part Requirements Duration*
1 Build the Restaurant Time and Cost Vary
2 Call a Sim to the Restaurant None
3 Be Nice to the Grouch 4 minutes
4 Taste The Grouch's Special Dish 1 minute
5 Complain to The Grouch 2 hours
6 Call the First Judge on the Phone 3 minutes 12 seconds
7 Take Wumples Order 5 minutes
8 Cook Any Dish for Wumples 1 minutes+
9 Serve Food to Wumples 10 minutes
10 Call the Second Judge on a Phone 3 minutes 12 seconds
11 Take Santa's Order 5 minutes
12 Cook Pizza for Santa 40 minutes
13 Serve Food to Santa 10 minutes
14 Call the Final Judge on a Phone 3 minutes 12 seconds
15 Take The Grouch's Order 8 hours
16 Make Quiche for The Grouch 4 hours
17 Serve Food to The Grouch 10 minutes
18 Investigate What The Grouch Dropped 5 minutes
19 Have a Sim make a Mud Pie 3 hours
20 Go to The Resteraunt None
21 Give Mud Pie to The Grouch 4 hours
22 Open Front Door (§25,000) 1 hour 30 minutes

*Time may vary depending on what star rating the item has.

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