Sophisticated Socialite Live Event
Sophisticated Socialite is the second Live Event in The Sims FreePlay during the Refined Romance Update in February 2019. Like the previous live events, it unlocks new items and lasts for 11 days.

When the timer for the 11 days ends, there will be a 2 day period afterwards to purchase any of the remaining prizes. You will not be able to collect anymore arts and crafts resources or constructor coins. Once the timer for that period ends, the resources will convert into Simoleons.

Available: February 2019


The tutorial is the same for all Live/Community Events.

  • Place a craft station
  • Craft candles (tap on the candle station -- make 50 candles for 10 seconds)
  • Restock a station (tap on a station; you can either use 10 SPs for 18 uses or stock 2 uses for 10 seconds)
  • Buy the first prize (tap on the playhouse button in the corner, scroll down and tap 'Purchase')
  • Use the spin flower (buy plant patch from Event Items tab in buy mode, tap on it and spin)
  • Check personal progress (tap on the button in the corner and your progress will show)
  • Check daily goals (tap on the button and tap on the first tab with a tick)
  • Collect bonuses (wait a few minutes and a candle will float above your Sims' head; tap on it)
  • Continue collecting items

Note: the goal for restocking lasts 10 seconds. When a station requires restocking during the event, it will take 2 hours 30 minutes.

Coin flower patch

Coin flower patch
The coin flower patch (shown right) is used to earn Constructor Coins. Constructor coins (CC for short) are the fifth required resource alongside the craft resources to progress along the bar and earn the prizes. During the tutorial (shown above) the first spin from the patch is free; after that you can either spend 450 candles or 25 SPs to earn constructor coins. Each Live/Community Event has the same garden patch, except it changes colour and uses a different resource (for example, in the Prince and the Pocket Sized Princess event, the patch was purple and required 450 daisies to use).

Craft stations

There are four different craft stations, each with different amounts but the same times. You use these to progress through the Personal Progress bar to unlock and purchase prizes.

Candle Station

Candle making

Candle Station - maximum of four.


1st - free

2nd - S2,000

3rd - S4,000

4th - S10,000 

  • Make 250 Candles -- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Make 360 Candles -- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Make 455 Candles -- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Make 510 Candles -- 8 hours 30 minutes
Pottery Station


Pottery Station - maximum of four.


1st - S5,000

2nd - S7,500

3rd - S10,000

4th - S15,000

  • Make 375 Pottery -- 2 hours 30 minutes 
  • Make 540 Pottery -- 4 hours 30 minutes 
  • Make 680 Pottery -- 6 hours 30 minutes 
  • Make 765 Pottery -- 8 hours 30 minutes 
Jewelry station

Jewelry making

Jewelry Station - maximum of three.


1st - S7,500

2nd - S15,000

3rd - S20,000 

  • Make 565 Jewelry -- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Make 810 Jewelry -- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Make 1025 Jewelry -- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Make 1150 Jewelry -- 8 hours 30 minutes 
Glassware Station

Glass blowing

Glassware Station - maximum of two.


1st - S15,000

2nd - S25,000

  • Make 620 Glass
  • Make 890 Glass
  • Make 1125 Glass
  • Make 1260 Glass 


These are the prizes that can be earned throughout the event. You must meet the requirements in order to purchase each item (shown under each item below). The first one of each item is free, after that they cost either Simoleons, life points or social points.

Image Item Name Requirements Overall price(s) Part of Pack
Cheese Tasting Platter
Cheese Tasting Platter 900 candles, 5 constructor coins S20,000 Humble Hors D'oeures
Fresh Oyster Platter
Fresh Oyster Platter 2,700 candles, 10 constructor coins S15,000 Humble Hors D'oeures
Cosy Comforts
Lavish Gold and Black Coffee Tables;
Lavish Gold and Black Dome Table Lamps
7,100 candles, 4,150 pottery, 45 constructor coins Coffee Tables: S150,00 and 15SP
Dome Table Lamps: S65,000 (black) 10LP (gold)
Cozy Comforts
Classy Comforts
Lavish Black and Gold Floor Lamps;
Lavish Black and Gold Buffett Tables
10,700 candles, 6,200 pottery, 65 constructor coins Floor Lamps: S150,000 and 20SP
Buffet Tables: S280,000 and 30LP
Classy Comforts
Partitions & Roof Lighting
Lavish Black and Gold Roof Lighting;
Lavish Black and Gold Cross Partitions
9,360 pottery, 9,900 jewelry, 100 constructor coins Roof lighting: 15SP and S110,000;
Partitions: S375,000 and 12LP
Fancy Fittings
Partitions & Coat Racks
Lavish Black and Red Mirror Partitions;
Mordern Black and Red Coat Racks
12,500 pottery, 13,000 jewelry, 130 constructor coins Partitions: S350,000 and 18SP;
Coat racks: 35LP and S160,000
Fancy Fittings
Relaxing Drinks
15,500 pottery, 16,500 jewelry, 16,500 glass, 165 constructor coins Lavish Black and Red Double Sofas; Lavish Black and Gold Drinks Carts Double Sofas: S210,000 and 20SP;
Drinks Carts: S400,000 and 40SP
Fancy Furniture
Sophisticated Seating
16,500 pottery, 17,500 jewelry, 17,500 glass, 175 constructor coins Lavish Black and Red Triple Sofas; Lavish Black and Red Chaise Sofas Triple Sofas: 30SP and 45SP;
Chaise Sofas: S250,000 and S580,000
Fancy Furniture
Beautiful Benches
17,500 pottery, 18,500 jewelry, 18,500 glass, 185 constructor coins Lavish Black and Red Bar Stools; Lavish Black and Red Counters; Lavish Black and Red Corner Counters Bar Stools: S15,000 and 10SP;
Counters: S70,000 and 10LP;
Corner Counters: 11SP and S65,000
Regal Receptions
Social Seating
20,000 pottery, 21,000 jewelry, 21,000 glass, 205 constructor coins Lavish Black and Red Drinks Seats;
Lavish Black and Red Long Counters;
Black and Gold Cutout Partitions
Drinks Seats: S500,000 and 50LP;
Long Counters: S70,000 and 10SP;
Partitions: S155,000 and 12SP
Regal Receptions
Sauve Socialite
Unlock and purchase all other prizes Clothes for Adult Sims
Black Gloss Floor
Drinks Bars
Circular Fireplaces
Clothes: Free,
Drinks Bars: 85SP and S880,000,
Fireplaces: 150LP and S1.4 million
Suave Socialite
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