Social Points are a new type of currency that became available after the new Neighbors update was installed. They are similar to Lifestyle Points, but are purple in color instead.

What to spend them on

In the Home Store, you will notice several items with purple prices, use the SP to buy those. If you don't have enough SP (for example, you want to buy an Onion Caramel Wardrobe which costs 8 SP, but you only have 4 SP) then you cannot get that item until you buy or earn more SP, unless the item is low cost like doors and windows. You can also buy the Nightclub for 15SP.

Examples of items that cost Social Points:

  • Lime Green Toilet -- 6 SP
  • Purple 70s Shower -- 10 SP
  • Lime Green Bathtub -- 11 SP
  • 70s Retro TV -- 23 SP 
  • Onion Caramel Bed -- 14 SP
  • White Awning window -- 4 SP 
  • Modern White window -- 5 SP 
  • White Scandinavian Door -- 6 SP 


Earn Social Points by adding neighbors and doing Social Goals (similar to Weekly Tasks) in their town, where you will earn 1 SP.

Buy them with real money from the Online Store, there are several packs with different amounts (might differentiate between countries). You will also earn VIP points and from VIP 8, you will get one free Daily Social Point flower. 

Planting a Social Point flower (originally 5 LP but after French Romance update, it has changed to 20 LP) on a garden patch, but first complete the Money Grows On Trees? quest to gain access to the Simoleon Sprout and Social Point flower.  

Play Live Events and along the progress bar of the personal progress section, you will earn 2 SP.  

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