Social is one of the six categories on the Needs bar, represented by two speech bubbles. To increase your Sim's social bar, there are three items, as well as interacting with Sims that can raise it. See the Relationships page for the stages your Sims go through using the social bar.

Items needed


Item name Star rating Cost
Cordless Phone 1 star §200
ET Phone 2 star §800
T1000 Phone 3 star 2LP


As of the Home Makeover Update 2018, your Sims can now sit and chat together on a bench, recliner or couch.

Action Star rating Duration Image

Wait to chat

Chat with Sim

1 star

5 Mins

20 Mins

Wait to chat

Chat with Sim

2 star

4 Mins 30 Secs

18 Mins

Wait to chat

Chat with Sim

3 star 2 Hrs 40 Mins

Sim interactions


Dance - 10 Seconds

Be Funny - 10 Seconds

Be Nice - 1 minute


Be Rude - 10 Seconds

Complain - 1 Minute

Divorce - 2 Seconds (can only work if your Sims are married and use the 'Be Rude' option).


Can only work if your Sims are either dating, budding romance or married.

Be Romantic - 1 Minute

WooHoo - 5 Minutes

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