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Sims and the City is a discovery quest available from level 14 onwards. To begin, players must find the Director Sim with a bubble over their head in the Park. The time limit is 7 days. The prize is a Celeb Fashion Pack and unlocks penthouse apartments.


*Depends on what star rating an item has

**During this quest, there will be multiple choice options. Whatever the player chooses won't affect anything.

Part Requirements Duration*
1 Send a Sim to the park None
2 Ask Miss Director what's wrong 30 seconds
3 Offer to help Miss Director  12 seconds
4 Demonstrate touring ability  1 minutes 36 seconds (Thinking Man Statue)
5 Watch Simtown Stars 5 hours 
6 Answer call from director 48 seconds
7 Send 3 Sims to the park None
8 Request an autograph  2 minutes
9 Offer Prim a tour 7 hours 45 minutes
10 Present the Thinking Man  2 minutes
11 Tell a story of the park 10 hrs 5 mins, 10 hrs 15 mins or 10 hrs 55 mins**
12 Send a sim home None 
13 Boast about a visitor  13 hrs 45 mins, 14 hrs 5 mins, 14 hrs 25 mins or 14 hrs 55 mins**
14 Celebrate simtown diversity None (call 5 sims to one house)
15 Take a selfie with Prim 2 minutes
16 Gossip with Prim 1 hour 35 minutes 
17 Place a decoration None (anything will do from Decorations section)
18 Confess plan for fame 11 hours 45 minutes 
19 Ask where to start 2 minutes 
20 Clean strange slime from fridge  17 hours 30 minutes* 
21 Query random acts of kindness 1 hour 35 minutes 
22 Bake donuts in an oven 8 hours
23 Give donuts to a stranger  2 hours 25 minutes (tap a Sim who is not a friend or in a romance)
24 Talk to Prim 19 hours 45 minutes 
25 Hug Prim  4 hours 45 minutes 
26 Say farewell to Prim  1 day 2 hours 45 minutes 

This entire quest name could be a reference to Simcity, another sim game.


If completed within the time limit, players win the Celebrity Fashion Pack (for female Adult Sims only). If they don't, they will still gain access to Penthouse apartments.