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Pumpkin Jackpot

The Simoleon Sprout, Lifestyle Point Lotus, and Social Point Flower are unlocked after completing the quest Money Grows On Trees?. They are available to plant for 250 Simoleons for Simoleon Sprout, $0.99 USD for Lifestyle Point Lotus and 20 Lifestyle Points (previously 5 LP) for Social Point Flower. Every four hours for the Simoleon Sprout, but you can spend five Lifestyle Points to plant the Simoleon Sprout early.

The plant wears a hat and a tie, and it is very similar to the Sim eating plant. When you select them and pay, you will get a mini spinning game. Tap on the arrow and the vegetables above will spin. Whatever veg you get will be the amount of Simoleons awarded.  

Amounts you can win

Bell pepper Jack Pot

Vegetable Simoleons Lifestyle Points Social Points

Bell Pepper, Aubergine & Pumpkin

350 5 7
Bell Peppers x2 500 7 3
Aubergines x2 750 10 5
Pumpkins x2 1,250 20 10
Bell Peppers x3 2,500 30 15
Aubergines x3 5,000 50 40
Pumpkins x3 15,000 350 500