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The Famous SimTown Sign is a sign near the Real Estage Agency. To build it, players must complete The Road To Fame quest and earn resources to build the sign. Building the sign is not time limited, so you can take your time.


SimTown Sign (locked)

You cannot unlock the SimTown sign until you complete the Road To Fame quest. Once finished, you need to earn resources from doing any action. 

Similar to the Mysterious Island monuments, you need a certain amount of resources to upgrade the SimTown Sign. Each time you upgrade the sign, you will receive a bonus amount of Simoleons. 

SimTown Sign (unlocked)


The resources required to build the sign are found from various actions: hobbies, sleeping or gardening, as well as receiving one each from the instruments in the Teen Idol hobby. Complete three rows (drums, guitar and singing) to receive one resource. You can spend LPs to complete the sign faster.  

There are three different resources:

  • TV Show Cameo (clapperboard)
  • Radio Interview (microphone)
  • Magazine Photoshoot (spotlight)


There are three levels to upgrade the sign to Level 3. The four Simlish letters laying on the grass will be put up one by one. When the sign is Level 3, spotlights will appear on the ground and shine towards the sign. This means the sign is finished. You will also unlock the Teen Idol Mansion.

Level 0 -- requires 5 of each resource

Level 1 -- requires 10 of each resource

Level 2 -- requires 15 of each resource