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When an event is active

The SimTown Market is a time-limited event to win prizes players might have missed from quests or limited time events. Players will receive a market event up to six times every update since it started in the 2016 Halloween Update.

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The board will be plain when there is no event active.

Market events are active at the Police Station, Hospital and Movie Studio; one will receive an event when a pop up shows with a grand prize they can win. Read about the quest here.


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Helping the courier

The SimTown Market is an event to win prizes one might have missed from quests or limited time events. For example, if one failed to complete the Hidden Unicorn quest in the 2-day time limit, the Unicorn Painting will show up as a prize in the Market. They must help couriers (a male Sim wearing brown) in the 4-hour time limit.


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Courier with the time limit.

There are four tasks one must fulfill with one of their Professions Sims:

  • Read Manifest - 20 minutes
  • Check Inventory - 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Prepare Shipment - 2 hours
  • Sign Invoice - 2 minutes

When one fulfills the tasks, the gray sections turn green. Once all four tasks are completed, they receive a token that costs 3,000 points; ship the tokens and resources to receive points in return. They need a certain amount of resources from the Professions to get points (for example, 20 flashlights from the Police Station).

The percentages of the Profession workplaces and the levels your work stations are at will affect how many points one gets. The points will go along a bar at the bottom of the screen which will slowly fill up.

Shipping orders

In the Market menu, there are six boxes: three are already unlocked when one starts the event and three more they have to buy with SPs (Social Points). The orders for the resources vary (one box might require a token while another might need one or two amounts of resources from the Police station). If they have the correct amount the box will have a green tick, click on the 'Ship Order' button and it will take 30 minutes for a new order. If they do not have the right amount they can either use SPs to get more or tap the 'X' button to cancel that order; it will take 3 hours for a new order.

There are four types of orders, identified by the symbol:

  • Police Station/Movie Studio/Hospital: Requests 1 to 3 amounts of resources or an amount of coins from one of the workplaces.
  • Simoleons Order: Requests an amount of Simoleons.
  • Advertisment: Watch an advertisment for points.
  • Token: Requests a token from a workplace. It does not matter if the token being spent was obtained from the SimTown Market Courier in a different workplace.


There are five to six prizes (previously eight) that one can win from the events. The majority of these are items already available in the Home Store, as well as Island Monument resources and rugs. One will get one prize for free, the grand prize being an item or clothing they might have missed. Sometimes, the grand prize can also be an item that is already unlocked in the Home Store. If it is an item or rugs it will go into either the Home Store or into their inventory. If it is clothing, it will go into their wardrobe.

Note: The prizes vary from player to player (for example, one player might get a Gingerbread Dining Chair while another might get a plant, so it is not the same for everyone).

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