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SimTown Express is a discovery quest that was brand new to the game in the Doctor, Doctor Update in September 2016. To start it, you build the SimTown Express (next to the Restaurant). If completed within the time limit of 5 days, you will win the Toddler train conductor outfit and gain access to Downtown.


*Depending on the star rating an item has.

Part Requirements Duration
1 Call train company *48 seconds
2 Meet Thomas 15 minutes
3 Read book about trains
  • 10 hours 45 minutes (1 star)
  • 8 hours 30 mins (3 star)
4 Find snack for Thomas 1 hour 50 mintues
5 Ask for safety lesson 1 5 minutes
6 Demonstrate single seating 10 hours
7 Ask for safety lesson 2 5 minutes
8 Send a Sim to the park None 
9 Watch train demonstration 14 hours 45 minutes
10 Ask for safety lesson 3 5 minutes
11 Stand behind yellow line 16 hours 45 minutes
12 Search for train key 1 hour 50 minutes
13 Apologise to Thomas 6 hours 15 minutes
14 Bake cookies 1 minute
15 Ask for final lesson 5 minutes
16 Practice holding on 1 day
17 Guess Thomas's age 1 hour 15 minutes
18 Travel on the SimTown Express None (tap on station)


For completing this quest in the time limit, you will receive a train conductor outfit for Toddlers, which can be found in the wardrobe in the 'Outfits' tab. It is the same for both male and female. You will also gain access to the Downtown area to unlock and build the Hospital and SimTown High School.