SimTown Elementary is a school for Preteen Sims to go to at any time of the day. It is unlocked once the Preparing For Preteens quest has been completed. 


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SimTown Elemntary when fully built

Simtown ele

Time and cost to build the school varies

Preteens can only earn pocket money (Simoleons) by going to school. Their leveling system works with grades. Students attend school for 7 hours for levels 1-6 and 5 hours for levels 7 and 8. 


Levels Grade Simoleons XP
1 C- S130 400 XP
2 C+ S240 450 XP
3 B- S310 500 XP
4 B+ S390 525 XP
5 A S480 550 XP
6 A+ S600 600 XP
7 A++ S645 650 XP
8 A+++ S700 800 XP


Building SimTown Elementary also unlocks the Teacher career for adults. If you're Level 1-3 on Teacher, then you teach for 7 hours. But if your Sim is level 4 or 5, then you teach for 5 hours.

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