SimTown Elementary is a school for Preteen Sims to go to at any time of the day. It is unlocked once the Preparing For Preteens quest has been completed. 


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SimTown Elemntary when fully built

Simtown ele

Time and cost to build the school varies

Pre-teens can only earn pocket money (Simoleons) by going to school. Their leveling system works with grades. Students attend school for 7 hours for levels 1-6 and 5 hours for levels 7 and 8. 


Levels Grade Simoleons XP
1 C- S130 400 XP
2 C+ S240 450 XP
3 B- S310 500 XP
4 B+ S390 525 XP
5 A S480 550 XP
6 A+ S600 600 XP
7 A++ S645 650 XP
8 A+++ S700 800 XP


Building SimTown Elementary also unlocks the Teacher career for adults. If you're a Level 1-3 Teacher, then you teach for 7 hours. But if your Sim is level 4 or 5, then you teach for 5 hours.

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