Seniors is a quest after Ghost Hunters. It is unlocked at level 23 and it allows your adults to age into seniors. There is a time limit of six days and if you complete the quest before time runs out, you unlock the exercise bike, which seniors and adults can use.

If you have a time limit of 4 days, then you can still complete the quest, except the durations will be shorter.


Part Requirements Duration
1 Send a Sim to the Swim Center None
2 Feed the Pigeons 2 seconds
3 Investigate Pigeons 7 minutes
4 Wait for a Senior on a Park Bench 14 minutes
5 Investigate the Door in the Park 10 seconds
6 Welcome Senior Sim 5 seconds
7 Talk to Senior Sim 1 minute
8 Stand on the X 4 seconds
9 Complain to Senior 1 minute
10 Warn Simanity 1 day
11 Complain to Senior 1 minute
12 Be Nice to Future Self 1 minute
13 Search Garbage for Cupcake 15 minutes
14 Search Garbage for Cupcakes of Doom II 30 minutes
15 Dispose of Cupcake 15 seconds
16 Send Present Self to the Park None
17 Be Nice to Future Self 1 minute
18 Dance with Future Self 15 seconds
19 Be Nice to Future Self 1 minute
20 Visit the Snow Park None
21 Go Ice Skating 12 hours
22 Snowball Fight at the Snow Park 2 hours
23 Talk to the Senior 1 minute
24 Build the Bingo Hall 1 day §100,000
25 24 hour Fish-Athon 1 day
26 Complain to Future Self 1 minute
27 Get 5 Sims together at a House None
28 WooHoo with a Sim 5 minutes
29 Be Nice to Future Self 1 minute


If you complete this quest within the time limit, you will receive an exercise bike for your Sims, costing S9,000 and can be found in the Electronics tab of the Home Store. Teens, Adults and Seniors can use it.

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