Salsa Dancing is a time limited hobby. It will start straight away after completion of the A Dance To Remember quest. There is a 7 day time limit to unlock the Latin Villa.

What to do

To do this hobby, you first need to buy the jukebox from the Promotions'R'Us store. It costs 5,000 Simoleons. You need to place it into one of your Sims' homes from your inventory.

You need two Sims to do this hobby. The first Sim 'waits for partner' while the second chooses one of the two options on the jukebox:

  • Quick Salsa -- 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Extended Mambo -- 7 hours 30 minutes

After the time is up, an exclamation mark will be above your Sim's head; tap on it and you will receive one of the trophies. Only one pair of Sims can do the hobby the first time; you need to get to level 6 to unlock the whole grid so two couples can dance at the same time and get any trophy.


There are six levels within the hobby.

Level Name Reward
1 None
5 10,000 Town Value
6 1LP
Step to Step Killer Tap Side Rock Slider 750XP
Miami Ice Hot Yogurt Ultimate Dip 1,000XP
Expresso Empire Around the World Dashing Desperado 1,500XP
Eduardo King 2,000XP


For completing the hobby within the time limit, you win the Latin Villa house template. You can build it on a standard or premium lot; the first one is free, afterwards they cost Simoleons. You will also unlock the Break Dancing hobby and 5 LPs.

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