Creating Pages

When you're creating pages, make sure there isn't an existing page for it already! Once you're sure it doesn't already have a page, you can create one.

General Guidelines

Link to each major person, building or quest on it's first mention. If you see a pattern on other wiki pages of it's nature, try to follow that pattern. Always provide as much information as you can.

Quest Page

Quest Pages all follow a specific layout. When making a Quest Page, please make a table that looks similar to this, but of course with all the data for the quests:

Part Requirements Duration
1 Sample Requirement Sample Duration
2 Sample Requirement Sample Duaration
3 Sample Requirement Sample Duration

Other Page

If there's a similar page out there, follow it's format. If there isn't, just use a format that makes sense to you.

Categorizing Pages

Please ask one of the people at the bottom of the FAQ to categorize your pages for you unless you're certain you know what the categories are.

Leaving an unfinished page

If you have to leave a page with massive hones in it, please click the menu with three lines next to the cancel button and select the option "Source Editor." In the source editor, type the following at the very top of the page without spaces: { { Construction } } then click apply changes. Also, in the category section, please add the "Under Construction" category. That will make it easier for editors to find it.

Comments Section

Please be kind in the comments section! Keep the content of your comments on par with the content of the game. Comments that use inappropriate language, are irrelevant, display personal information (address, phone number, identity, etc.), or inflammatory will be deleted, and will result in a minimal day ban. Please report inappropriate comments.


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to make a page for my Sim, where can I make it?

Please do not make a page for your sim! If you want to tell the wiki about your Sim, please make a blog post about it! We'd love to hear about him/her!

I have some information about X subject that's not already on the wiki. Can I add it?

By all means! However, make sure all the information you're adding is true. Fan theories and unconfirmed bits of information can go in either the comments section or you can make a blog post about it. Articles including nonsense or fan theories will be deleted by admins.

I have a question about the wiki that isn't answered here. Who do I talk to?

There are plenty of users here who would love to help you out!

There's a bug in my game, who can answer it?

Sorry, but it's very likely that no one on this Wikia will be able to help you with your game. Please contact EA about your bug.

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