Royal Lineage is a discovery quest unlocked at Level 14. Completion of this quest unlocks Northern Glade Castle, royal outfits and the Archery hobby. If you complete this quest within the time limit of 7 days, you unlock Pet Fairies, available in the Pet Store.


*Depending on what star rating an item has.

Part Requirements Duration*
1 Send a Sim to the Castle None
2 Search Bushes Near the Castle 1 minute 20 seconds
3 Say Hello to the Fairy 3 minutes
4 Pick Flowers Near the Castle 10 minutes
5 Show Fairy the Flowers 5 minutes
6 Ask About Chivalry 4 hours 30 minutes
7 Dream About Royalty in a Bed 10 hours
8 Cook Brisket in the Park** 1 day
9 Have 4 Sims at the Park None
10 Call to Meal None
11 Tell the Fairy About the Feast 3 hours 30 minutes
12 Thank the Fairy 5 minutes
13 Build Courage on a Park Bench 11 hours 30 minutes
14 Catch the Monster Fish Time Varies
15 Tell the Fairy a Fish Story 3 hours 30 minutes
16 Search SimList on a Computer 7 hours
17 Grow Beans*** 9 hours
18 Have Two Sims in the Park None
19 Trade Beans with a Sim 10 hours 30 minutes
20 Return to Fairy None
21 Answer Yes to the Fairy's Question**** 5 minutes
22 Encourage the Fairy 1 day
23 High Five the Fairy 1 second
24 Ask the Fairy About the Bridge 5 seconds

**Using a BBQ in the Park.

***Can be started early using a gardening patch.

****Select the option "Yes I can!"

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