Ringlets of Fire- Sims FreePlay Let's Eat Update

Ringlets of Fire- Sims FreePlay Let's Eat Update

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Ringlets Of Fire is a quest that first came available on August 21, 2014 until August 28, 2014, a second time on March 7, 2015 until March 14, 2015, a third time on July 20, 2015 until July 27, 2015 and a fourth time in December 2016, under a new name: Long Hair.

This quest will allow your female adult Sims to have long hair if completed. All four sets of outfits must be completed nine times. To most players this quest comes right away, and does not get in the way of the "Quests Waiting in Queue". There will be a popup that comes, and if you select 'Yes', your fashion collectibles will be reset.

Part Requirements Duration
1 Talk to a Sim 1 minute
2 Spot Long Haired Sims on TV 5 minutes
3 Email the Long Haired Celebrity Sims 2 minutes
4 Buy a Fashion Studio None
5 Create 1 Fashion Design 10+
6 Create a Complete Outfit Set 10+
7 Create all 4 Outfits 10+
8 Create a 2nd Complete Set 10+
9 Create a 3rd Complete Set 10+
10 Create a 4th Complete Set 10+
11 Create a 5th Complete Set 10+
12 Create a 6th Complete Set 10+
13 Create a 7th Complete Set 10+
14 Create an 8th Complete Set 10+
15 Create a 9th Complete Set 10+
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