Puppy Pals is a hobby that players unlock once they complete 'A Puppy Odyssey' discovery quest. To get this hobby, players have to buy a Puppy Play mat from the Promotions'R'Us Store and buy a puppy from the Pet Store (first puppy, Greyhound, is free, after that they cost LPs). Then place the play mat in a Sim's house and tap on it to get three options:

  • Play With Puppy -- 1 hour 15 minutes (134 XP)
  • Bond With Puppy -- 6 hours 30 minutes (621 XP)
  • Exhaust Puppy -- 12 hours 30 minutes (1,103 XP)


There are six levels:

Level Name
1 Ruff Start
2 Canine Companion
3 Pawsitively Friends 
4 Best Friend 
5 Pack Leader 
6 Puppy Whisperer 

Grid Items


The first time there is a time limit of 7 days for players to win the Poodle breed: the puppy costs 68LPs while the adult costs 82LPs. The second time there is no time limit and players can earn animal-themed shirts for their Sims!

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