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Professions Training is a quest/ tutorial to help familiarise players to Profession careers. The first profession to start with this quest is the Police Station. It will not appear again for the Hospital and Movie Studio if you have already completed it once.


*You will see Sims with bubbles with a resource in them. Tap on it and there will be three grey sections, fulfill each task shown and the sections will turn green.

**Workstations will require different resources to upgrade each time.

Part Requirements Duration
1 Visit a profession workplace None
2 Work at a profession workplace None (choose police in Occupations tab and send that sim to work)
3 Help a sim at the Police Station

5 minutes (Survelliance Van)

1 minute (Front Desk)

4 Help again at the workplace Time varies*
5 Check workplace storage None (tap on badge icon in the corner)
6 Check workplace overview None (first tab)
7 Help a sim at Police Station Time varies*
8 Check work shift quota None (Tap on the '0/25' at the bottom)
9 Fulfill special requests Time varies* (tap on a Sim with a pink ? bubble)
10 Trade resources None (third tab, tap on trade)
11 Upgrade a workstation Time varies**