Prim and multiple choice answers

Prim A'Donna is a female NPC in the Sims FreePlay. She first appeared during the discovery quest in the Penthouses Update 2017, reappearing for a second time in the Love & Treasure Update 2018.


Miss primadonna icon

Prim as she appears in the Sim Tracker.

Prim has brown skin with brown hair in a high ponytail. She wears a pink fur coat over a light pink playsuit, boots and several necklaces. The outfit she's wearing is one of the prizes for completing the quest.

Prim's quests

Quests starring Prim.

Sims and the City

Show Prim around SimTown and she will award you the keys to apartments in the Downtown area.

Love & Treasure

Your Sim enters a dating show where they will win a chance to have a date with Prim and earn the player a private island!

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