Pretty Little Planters is the second discovery quest from the Sunset Mall that unlocks at level 12. If finished within the time limit of 7 days, you will win a see-saw for your Toddler Sims and gain access to the second floor.


*Depending on the star rating an item has

**Use the photo button your device screen

Part Requirements Duration
1 Send a Sim to the second floor None
2 Read poster 1 minute
3 Investigate store 1 minute
4 Ask plant to move 5 minutes
5 Grill patties in the Park 20 minutes
6 Feed burgers to the plant 6 hours 30 minutes
7 Clean the plant's mess

Broken tile



5 hours 30 minutes

1 hour 30 minutes

30 minutes

8 Call Sim fashion 24 minutes*
9 Return to plant None
10 Yell at the plant 5 minutes
11 Step closer to the plant 12 hours 30 minutes
12 Search for teleport remote 19 hours*
13 Build a teleport remote 20 seconds*
14 Teleport plant 8 seconds
15 Go to the Park None
16 Teleport plant to best spot 12 hours 15 minutes
17 Build the first store 1 hour
18 Try something on None (use wardrobe)
19 Take selfies 5 hours 30 minutes
20 Email photos 19 hours*
21 Send 2 Sims to the Park None
22 Start photoshoot 12 hours 30 minutes
23 Take photo of plant** None
24 Hug plant 1 day
26 Say goodbye to the plant 10 minutes


If you finish this quest within the time limit, you will win a see-saw for your Toddlers. It can be found in the Toddler tab in the Home Store. You will also unlock more stores, two hobbies and the Wumples Play Center.

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