After using a birthday cake on a toddler, that Sim will advance to the Pre-teen life stage

Preteen Sims can do a variety of things like attend school, bounce on a trampoline and have a sport such as karate, figure skating, diving or ballet. You can adopt a preteen via the telephone at any sims house. However, this costs real money. Preteens are great to have because they increase your town value when they attend school. Preteens can’t have romantic relationships yet but they can do all regular interactions with other sims.


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Preteens doing Ballet

Preteens have several hobbies which earn various prizes.


Preteens can also earn Simoleons and XP (experience points) by attending SimTown Elementary.

The amount of money (allowance) and XP your Preteen will earn from going to school depends on their grades. The higher their grade, the more Simoleons and XP they will come home with.

A Preteen can improve his or her grades by going to school every day, as well as studying with a Study Desk when they are at home. You can purchase a Study Desk from the Home Store, under the 'PreTeens' tab, for Simoleons or Lifestyle Points.

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