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Preparing For Preteens is a quest available at level 15. Upon completion of this quest, you unlock the ability to age up your toddlers into preteens and also unlock two new hobbies. There is no time limit on this quest.


Part Requirements Duration*
1 Build SimTown Elementary Time varies

2,500 price

2 Purchase a Study Desk None
3 Purchase a Preteen Bookshelf None
4 Read Harriet PuttPutter 5 hours
5 Read "Everything You Need To Know" 5 minutes
6 Buy a Preteen Bed None
7 Buy a Trampoline None
8 Celebrate the Trampoline 7 minutes
9 Make Cheese on Toast 1 minute
10 Watch a Movie 1 hour
11 Talk to Thinking Man Statue 1 day
12 Be Rude to the Thinking Man 1 minute
13 Play Sims on a PC 48 minutes

*Time may vary depending on what star rating the item has.