In The Sims FreePlay, your Sims can adopt pets from the Pet Store. Pets are "treasure hunters" and will dig up Simoleons and, occasionally, Lifestyle Points for your Sims, as well as being faithful companions for your Sims to love and play with.

Note: At this time, only dogs/puppies, cats/kittens, and fairies (you need to complete the time limit in the Royal Lineage Quest) are available for adoption through the Pet Store. However, rabbits and fish are available through The Online Store and you need to complete A Puppy Odyssey to adopt puppies and kittens.


In older, earlier updates you would get a dog with your first house for free. You may be lucky, as the dog may be expensive. In later, newer updates you will not get a dog for free and will have to build the Pet Store to obtain one. A 1 star dog will find less simoleons and less Lifestyle Points compared to a 3 star dog. 

Breed Star rating Cost Image
Greyhound 1 Star 5 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-12-18-04-24 kindlephoto-54023664
German Shepherd 2 Stars 18 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-12-18-03-59 kindlephoto-53998275
Labrador 2 Stars 14 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-12-18-03-48 kindlephoto-53969419
Golden Retriever 2 Stars 22 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-12-18-03-37 kindlephoto-53939649
Dalmatian 2 Stars 25 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-06-17-14-18 kindlephoto-262574712
Husky 3 Stars 75 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-10-15-59-11 kindlephoto-2824451
Robo Dog 3 Stars 80 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-10-15-59-23 kindlephoto-2845055


Cats will not appear in your first house. You have to adopt them from the Pet Store. They have a larger chance to find Lifestyle Points.

Breed Star rating Cost Image
British Shorthair 1 Star 6LP
10658707 744432865592016 7873818360613409006 o kindlephoto-27584158
Maine Coon 2 Stars 18 LP
10658707 744432865592016 7873818360613409006 o kindlephoto-27609075
Siamese 2 Stars 22 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-12-18-04-47 kindlephoto-54055697
Toyger 2 Stars 25 LP
10658707 744432865592016 7873818360613409006 o kindlephoto-27628542
Domestic Black 2 Stars 30 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-12-18-05-11 kindlephoto-54090719
Bengal 3 Stars 75 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-12-18-05-22 kindlephoto-54106490
Bejeweled Blitz's Anchovy 3 Stars 75 LP
10658707 744432865592016 7873818360613409006 o kindlephoto-27644854
Robocat 3 Stars 80 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-12-18-05-32 kindlephoto-54120969


Rabbits are small pets available from the Pet section in the Home Store. Preteens, teens and adult Sims can feed them for two minutes, which increases your Sims Social Need.

Colours Star rating Price Image
Black 1 Star $15,000
Screenshot 2014-11-11-20-19-41 kindlephoto-6917090
Brown and White 1 Star 12 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-11-20-19-41 kindlephoto-6931506
Brown 2 Stars 20 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-11-20-19-41 kindlephoto-6951884
White 3 Stars 30LP
Screenshot 2014-11-11-20-19-41 kindlephoto-6974451


If you finished the Christmas 2013 Event within the time limit, you will have unlocked Reindeers.
Screenshot 2014-11-22-09-21-06 kindlephoto-7688639

Red-Nosed Reindeer

There are three types of Reindeer: Brown, Dapple and Red-Nosed. 

Dappled and Red-Nosed Reindeer are 75LP, but Brown Reindeer are free. All three are 3 star rated.

The reindeer are currently unavailable in recent newer updates. You must wait for the game developers to bring them back, possibly in the Online Store.

Fish & Aquariums

Screenshot 2014-11-11-20-47-45 kindlephoto-7988377
You may purchase fish and aquariums from the Online Store in exchange for real life cash Tap on the shopping cart icon to visit the Online Store. They are in the "specials" section.
Screenshot 2014-11-11-20-47-45 kindlephoto-28166277

Note: If you have purchased fish tanks from the Online Store, you can access them in-game via the Home Store, in the "Pets" tab in your Inventory.  


Horses are neither adopted in the Pet Store nor the Online Store. They can be bought in the Stables on the Mysterious Island

Note: you cannot get the Unicorn until you complete the Show Jumping hobby. 2 star and 3 star horses will be unlocked after each hobby.

Breed Star rating Cost Image
Dappled Grey Horse 1 Star $15,000
20171016 000757 kindlephoto-6301262
Patched Brown Horse 1 Star 10SP
20141111 202217
Spotted Grey Horse 2 Stars $30,000
20141111 202045
Brown Horse 2 Stars 20LP
Light Bay Horse 3 Stars $50,000
20141111 202007
Black Horse 3 Stars 50LP
Unicorn 3 Stars 100LP


Your Sims can hatch dragons from the update 5.8.0. You can buy them in the Pet Store if you finish The Book of Spells discovery quest within the time limit.

Breed Star rating Cost Image
Common House Dragon 1 Star 50,000 Simoleons
Screenshot 2014-11-06-17-15-29
Leaf Dragon 1 Star 25 SP
Screenshot 2014-11-12-18-05-45 kindlephoto-54138836
Sky Dragon 2 Stars 250,000 Simoleons
Screenshot 2014-11-06-17-15-52 kindlephoto-262600965
Sun Dragon 2 Stars 25 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-12-18-05-57 kindlephoto-54153939
Midnight Dragon 3 Stars 50 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-12-18-06-09 kindlephoto-54190659
Snow Dragon 3 Stars 100 LP
Screenshot 2014-11-12-18-17-37 kindlephoto-54602259


Fairies will become available to buy in the Pet Store if you complete the Royal Lineage discovery quest within the time limit. They will appear as flowers for the first 24 hours after buying.

Type Star rating Cost Image
Green Fairy 1 Star 25,000


Blue Fairy 2 Stars 50,000


Pink Fairy 3 Stars 150,000 Simoleons
Purple Fairy 3 Stars 30 SP


Your Sims can now have pet owls from the update 5.8.0.
Screenshot 2014-11-11-21-30-47 kindlephoto-8983984

Complete the Spell Casting hobby during the time limit to unlock them. If you miss out, they will be available to buy as one of the Mystery Box prizes. 

Teacup Pig

In update 5.32.1 of the Downtown High update, you get the chance to own a teacup pig. To do so, you need to complete the Teacher's Pet discovery quest in the time limit. There are currently no accessories for the pig at this time. 

Pet accessories

Your Sims may purchase accessories for your pets in the Home Store, such as beds, feeding bowls and toys; they each have a different star rating (1 star means the action will take longer and 3 star means the action will be faster). The "Pets" tab is located in the Furniture section of the Home Store. 

There is a shop on the town map (Pet Salon) that sells clothes and collars to dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. 

Changing Owners

You may change which family looks after a certain pet by selecting the pet and choosing "Relocate", and then picking which Sim you want to look after the pet.

Deleting pets

If you want to delete your Sim's pet, there is a "Put up for adoption" option available in the pet's "Relocate" menu. However, keep in mind that once you put a pet up for adoption they are gone forever unless you buy another pet from the Pet Store or horse from the Stables. 

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