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Peaceful Patio is a discovery quest unlocked at Level 15, and gives you the ability to learn how to build patios and unlock railings and patio tiles for them. If you complete this quest within 7 days, you unlock the Make Out Couch. Find Bree in the Park to start this quest. 


*Depending on what star rating an item has.

**Can bake Pumpkin Pie early.

Part Requirements Duration*
1 Talk to Bree 1 minute
2 Ponder in a Chair 2 minutes 24 seconds
3 Call a Friend 4 minutes *
4 Call a Cab to the DIY Home None (tap on a phone)
5 Question Bree 3 hours 30 minutes
6 Join Bree for interview 18 hours 30 minutes
7 Watch Interview at DIY Home 4 minutes 30 seconds*
8 Read DIY Magazine 7 hours 30 minutes
9 Have 2 Sims at DIY Home None (call another Sim using the whistle)
10 Discuss Patio with a Sim 10 minutes
11 Present Ideas to Bree 45 minutes
12 Measure Patio Space 18 hours 30 minutes
13 Finalize the Patio Plan 6 hours 30 minutes
14 Bake Pumpkin Pie at DIY Home 10 hours**
15 Prepare Lemonade at DIY Home 3 hours 10 minutes*
15 Clean DIY Home 1 day
17 Buy Outdoor Decorations None, Spend §5000
18 Fall Asleep in Bath 2 hours 20 minutes
19 Hang out with a Sim 1 day
20 Call Bree 4 minutes*
21 Build a Patio None
22 Have 3 Sims at DIY Home None (use whistle to call sims)
23 Have 3 Sims Party with Bree 8 hours 30 minutes
24 Talk to Bree 5 minutes
25 Have all Sims Leave DIY Home None (use simtracker to send them home)


If you finish in the time limit you will win the Make Out Couch, where Teens can snuggle up and adults can make out. It costs 7,500 Simoleons. If you don't get the Make Out Couch, you can still build patios.