The Outdoors Event is a limited time hobby event related to the Survivalist Hobby, lasting 10 days. Like other hobby events, you have to complete the grid and get all the badges seven times. If you finish in the time limit and get all the prizes, it won't return for you; if you only earn two or three packs then the event will come back in a future update for you to finish.


There are seven packs to get only from this event. They are randomized, so you might not get the one you want most:

  1. Plants 1 Pack -- includes Gerbera, Snapdragon and Cactus plants
  2. The Red and Blue Dome Pack -- includes 2 tents (two star and three star)
  3. Outdoor Lighting -- includes 3 lights
  4. The Plants 2 Pack -- includes Willow Tree, Bamboo and Sunflowers
  5. Assorted Tents Pack -- includes 4 tents (one is two star and the others are three star)
  6. Outdoor Lighting Pack 2 -- includes 3 lights
  7. Assorted Pack -- Tulips, lights and tent
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