Ocean View Estate is unlocked at Level 9. Completing this quest unlocks Premium Residence and the Real Estate Career. If this quest is completed within the time limit of 2 days, you unlock the Beachside Escape House.


Part Requirements Duration*
1 Read House, Garden, and Llamas Magazine 1 hour
2 Call Real Estate Agent on Phone 5 Minutes
3 Watch Sim House Blitz on TV 13 hours
4 Have a Double Shot of Coffee 1 minute
5 Call a Sim to the Park None
6 Preform Fake Auction with Ducks in the Park 1 minute 30 seconds
7 Wash Hands in the Sink 7 seconds
8 Build the Real Estate Agency Time & Price Vary**
9 Get a Sim a Job as a Real Estate Agent None
10 Have a Sim Dance to a Stereo 2 minutes 42 seconds

*Time may vary depending on what star rating the item has.

**Time and price vary by the amount of workplaces built prior to the construction of The Real Estate Agency.


If you complete this quest within the time limit, you will win the Beachside Escape house. It is one story, with an open-plan kitchen and living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and large backyard. Alot of items inside are over level 9. The first one is free to build, after that they cost Simoleons. If you don't finish in the time limit, you will receive nothing except buy Premium lots. 

Previous Quest: Two And A Half Sims

Next Quest: Mysterious Island

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