Need for Steed is a quest available from Level 11. Upon completion of this quest, your Sims can now keep, take care of and ride their own horses. If you also finish this quest within the time limit, you unlock a special unicorn painting which you can purchase from the Home Store.


Part Requirements Duration
1 Spot Horses with a Telescope 5 minutes
2 Go to the Mysterious Island None
3 Find the Stables None
4 Call the Mysterious Number 2 minutes
5 Read Horse Care Manual 10 hours
6 Call the Mysterious Number again 4 minutes
7 Look up a Locksmith on the Computer 4 minutes
8 Build the Stables (time & cost varies)
9 Send a Sim to the Stables None
10 Clean up the mess in front of yard 4 minutes
11 Have 4 Sims at the Stables None
12 Clean up mess in yard with your Sims (time varies, at least 10 hours)
13 Watch the Horse Channel 10 Minutes
14 Practice Brushing another Sim 3 minutes (confirmation needed)
15 Encourage a Sim 4 minutes
16 Repair a Stable* 8 hours
17 Call the Stables Owner back 2 minutes
18 Add a Horse to the Stables** None
19 Feed the Horse 30 minutes

*Costs §30,000.

**Costs §15,000 or SP (amount varies)


For completing the quest in the time limit, you get the Unicorn Painting, found in the Decorations tab of the Home Store and costing Simoleons. If not, you will still gain access to the Stables and horses.


  • The quest's name, "Need for Steed", is a pun on the racing video-game series, "Need for Speed".
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