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Nanny Knows Best is a quest available from Level 10. Completion of this quest unlocks new interactions with infants and a new infant hobby, Musical Expression. If you complete the quest within the time limit of 5 days, you will win infant overalls. Find the Nanny in the Park to start this quest. 

Note: if you get items that are 3 stars than you can finish the task faster; if the items are one star it will take longer. 


Part Requirements Duration
1 Go to the Park None
2 Meet the Nanny 1 minute
3 Rant to Nanny Williams 15 minutes
4 Go to a house that has an Infant None
5 Get a sim to pick up the Infant 8 seconds
6 Relax with an Infant on the couch 15 hours
7 Let an Infant Crawl 8 seconds
8 Make Infant crawl None
9 Make a Sim Follow the Infant Obsessively 6 hours 30 minutes
10 Clean an Infant's Mess 12 hours 30 minutes
11 Wash Garbage Off Hands 2 hours 50 minutes
12 Ask Nanny Williams For Help 5 hours 30 minutes
13 Cry to Be Picked Up 3 seconds
14 Rock to Sleep Depends on Crib stars
15 Check SimBook 2 hours 20 minutes
16 Pick Up Infant 8 seconds
17 Buy a Highchair (§1,000) None
18 Place Infant in Highchair 5 seconds
19 Search for Soft Food in Refrigerator 9 hours 30 minutes
20 Play With Food 9 hours 30 minutes
21 Ask the Nanny Where She Went 15 minutes
22 Feed Soft Food 2 hours 30 minutes
23 Post Photo on Simbook 15 hours
24 Ask Nanny Williams to Help a Friend 3 hours 30 minutes
25 Hug the Nanny Goodbye 3 hours 30 minutes


If you finish the quest within the time limit, you will win Infant overalls for your male and female infants. If you don't finish, you will receive nothing and go straight into the Musical Expression hobby.